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Reliable Service Provider is the best service provider as it is assisting students and parents to select the right options for taking an education loan. Education loans are issued for the purpose of paying the tuition fee of an accredited college or a university that encourages students in pursuing an academic degree. Education loans can be obtained from government banks or through private-sector banks or financial companies. Usually nationalized banks offer loans at lower interest rates, and some also offer subsidized interest. Private-sector loans generally follow more of a traditional lending process for application, with high rates of interest than the nationalized bank’s loans.

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Types of education loans that parents and students can avail in India:

  • Undergraduate Education Loan
  • Professional / Graduate Education Loan
  • Career Education Loan
  • Loans for Parents

Undergraduate Student Loans

Undergraduate student loans can be availed by individuals after completing secondary education and willing to undertake a three or four-year course to enhance their job opportunities.

Professional / Graduate Student Loans

Professional/graduate student loans can be availed by students who have completed their undergraduate course and wish to pursue advanced degrees or higher education at colleges across the country.

Career Education Loan

Career education loans can be availed by students willing to attend undergraduate career-oriented programs at trading and technical schools and colleges across the country.

Loans for Parents

These are unsecured loans that the parents can easily avail to meet expenses related to their child’s education, such as tuition fees, living expenses, books, uniforms, transportation costs and so on. The loan can be availed not only by parents but also by other adult relatives who want to enroll their children in secondary schools, religious schools, private schools and military elementary schools across the country.