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Reliable Service ProviderRSP Group“Step Into A New Business World” is an idiosyncratic concept that took almost 10 years to get ready for execution. After careful and proper planning, it has been introduced into the market and now emerging as the best service provider company in a very short span of time. It is going to bring a big revolution globally in the business market as well as the service sector. It is a distinctive platform that will create equal opportunities for every individual; who is very much anxious to become successful and live a happy life.

RSP Group – Reliable Service Provider has 3 types of working models for its members. The members of RSP Group – Reliable Service Provider can work as:

(1) Coordinator

(2) Associate Partner

(3)  Binary Mode.

When members work as Co-Ordinator they will be getting payouts on the amount of business done by them. On the contrary, if they act as Associate Partners by listing their business with RSP Group they will be getting more business leads by the collaborative efforts of the co-ordinators which will result in raising the revenue of their business to a large unimaginable amount. Whereas, working in Binary Mode will give maximum benefits to the members.

Message From The Founder (CEO)

STEP INTO “A NEW BUSINESS WORLD” (RSP Group) – Reliable Service Provider came into existence to create more earning opportunities for every individual around the globe. We can proudly say that Reliable Service Provider is the best service provider delivering a variety of quality services at a reasonable price. Kanpur was known worldwide as the manchester of the east, and it is a proud moment for us to start our journey from this historical business place of India and together again we will re-create the history. We are committed to working with honesty and transparency without any discrimination. We would always love to work together for the overall growth of the business members.

RSP Group works on TRUST.


So, I welcome all the Reliable Members of RSP Group to take the maximum advantage of this platform and create history in the Corporate World by creating business opportunities and changing the lives of “Strugglers to Successful Entrepreneurs”.
Best Wishes,
Mohammad Haris Riaz
(CEO, RSP Group)

Reliable Service Provider – Best Service Provider 

Why we are the "Best Service Provider"?

In the current fast-moving world, people are so much busy that they are unable to manage their daily needs. Most of the time they get frustrated because they are unable to manage smoothly their personal and professional life simultaneously. Reliable Service Provider (RSP Group) is the best service provider and we are not only helping struggling people manage their daily affairs but also opening many new doors of earnings that could provide them with a luxurious life.

Reliable Service Provider is the best service provider in the following areas:

CA Services

Reliable Service Provider is the best service provider and undoubtedly it is the first choice of people when it comes to maintaining financial records or filing the Income Tax Return of a business or individual, or registering a new business (Sole Proprietorship, Partnership or LLC. or a Private Limited Company), and securing it with trademarks, copyrights or patents. Reliable Service Provider has a team of expert Chartered Accountants for managing and resolving the book-keeping, GST, ITR, Business Registration and Trademark, Patents, and Copyright affairs of an entity.


Reliable Service Provider is the best service provider because it assists its clients to procure all types of loans without any hassle. Borrowed money can be used for many purposes, from funding a new business to buying a new house or car or making arrangements for your child’s studies or marriage. But the most important points that the borrower should focus on before applying for a loan are:

  • Assess your credit score
  • Consider your current and future financial condition
  • Always opt for the best alternative (Secured loan/Unsecured loan)
  • Never borrow more than required
  • Always go with the best deal
  • Read all the terms and conditions
  • Always be ready with a backup plan
  • Apply for a loan only in emergency

We assist in procuring many types of loans such as Home Loans, Education Loans, Business Loans, and Car Loans. Our customers get them all in an easy manner without going through the tiring and unlimited formalities of compiling unnecessary documents. Our experts are always ready to assist you as the best service provider for all types of loans.

Real Estate

Reliable Service Provider is the largest integrated platform for Real Estate. Our organization ensures that our customers must be introduced to the current trends going on in the Real Estate Market. We deal in commercial as well as residential properties. Our team of experts gives you insight into all sorts of properties available for sale and purchase. We have tie-ups with genuine and reputed developers in the market. Our team acts as a perfect mediator in letting out properties between landlords and tenants by providing them with the best deal which brings them into their comfort zone. Reliable Service Provider is a one-stop for the end-users where they can get perfect counseling for their investment decisions. Our aim is to provide valuable information to our clients planning to buy, sell, and rent properties in the city. We also give financial advice to home buyers and sellers with deep knowledge of the local market.


Due to the hectic schedule, most families or individuals do not get enough time to participate in the active construction process of their own houses or commercial projects. Reliable Service Provider is the best service provider for residential and commercial construction works. Our team consists of reliable experts providing you with house construction solutions. Now you do not have to go to the market to purchase mortar, cement, and other materials. All you need to do is simply call us and discuss your requirements. Our team of professionals (Engineers, Architects, Interior Designers, etc.) will get your property constructed in the given time. We specialize in home construction therefore, we ask our clients to make an appointment with our employee or the project manager to explain their requirements in detail which would not be possible over an email or via telephone conversation. One-to-one face-to-face conversation helps us in understanding your needs better. We have our own team of designers and architects who give personal attention to deliver results according to the minute details mentioned by the clients. Under the construction services menu, we also provide repair and installation facilities to our customers. Repair and installation services are unavoidable essential services that could be required in an emergency situation at any time. Our customers feel more confident when they have all their resources ready to face any challenges or problems in their daily life. Examples of such services are plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters, tile and marble fixers, welder fabricators, ac service and installation, CCTV installation, computer software, and hardware engineering, etc. that our customers might need in their daily life routine. Our team is ready to serve you, feel free to Contact Us. 


Insurance is an essential part of an individual’s life. Finding the right person and an honest company is no longer an issue under the expert guidance of the Reliable Service Provider. Our group has tie-ups with renowned companies who will personally listen to your queries and design a plan according to your needs. All types of Insurance-related services are available under one roof. Now you can save your time from meeting agents of different companies and sitting at a computer to compare policies since our insurance advisors are just one call away. You can simply call or contact us through email. An expert will be appointed who will get in touch with you right away. Our team of experts excels in handling complex and unsatisfying aspects of insurance on your behalf while giving you accurate information at every step. Feel free to contact us for Life, Health, or General Insurance policies.

IT Services

Reliable Service Provider is the best service provider delivering great results in making any business a successful brand through its IT services. Reliable Service Provider is giving an expert level of services for digital marketing, web development, search engine optimization (SEO), and mobile application. Reliable Service Provider only believes in delivering high-end results to its customers at reasonable prices and Reliable Service Provider makes it happen only because of its dedicated team of experts for various platforms who are ready to assist their clients 24×7 to resolve their issues.

Job Placement

Finding a job on your own may become a tedious task. Almost everyone has a dream to get an ideal job where they can balance their personal and professional life. Few people find it difficult to secure a job in their related field of study and that is where Reliable Service Provider steps in. Reliable Service Provider is the best service provider for job placements. Our team of experts thoroughly studies your profile and helps you find a job in your field. We also provide special training like Digital Marketing, Personality Development, and Interview Preparation classes where candidates get an opportunity to enhance their skills and become fully prepared for the actual job market. Our industrial training programs have proven to be beneficial for individuals in the past and we make sure our candidates continue to outshine in the market and make their organizations proud. Our networks in the industry are very reliable and with the help of pioneers in different fields, job seekers have successfully secured jobs through us.


Reliable Service Provider provides the best education consultancy services to aspiring students seeking out expert guidance for a bright career. The team of experts at Reliable Service Provider has vast exposure and experience which enables them to give the best advice to students according to their profile. Reliable Service Provider delivers quality services to students looking forward to pursuing various education programs from India and abroad. Some of the major programs that most students want to pursue are Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), .), Master of Business Administration (MBA) Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech), Masters of Technology (M.Tech.), Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery – MBBS, Doctor of Medicine (MD), Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharma), Master of Sciences of Pharmacy (M. Pharma). We also have excellent options for students willing to do skilled-based programs of their interest. Some of them are Diploma, Advanced Diploma, and Certificate programs in the field of Engineering, Films and Animation, Information Technology, Hotel Management, Hospitality Management, Tours and Travels, Nursing, Accounting, and so on. Reliable Service Provider assists all students through its associate partner Go Abroad Training Institute Private Limited. It is a renowned institute assisting students to get admission to the best universities and colleges represented by them in India and abroad. Go Abroad Training Institute Private Limited has various domains to assist the student in a better way. All the domain links are mentioned below.

Go Abroad Training Institute Private Limited – Best Study Abroad Consultant in India.

IELTS Educator – Best IELTS Coaching Center in India.

MBBS World – Best Consultancy for MBBS and MD programs from India and Abroad. 

Go Swiss – Best Consultancy for BBA, MBA, Hotel Management programs from abroad.

GOABROAD HAPPY TRAVELS PVT. LTD. – Best Tours and Travels Company for air tickets and tour packages.

So for the overall benefit of the students, Reliable Service Provider has gathered all the services under one roof to deliver them the best experience without any hassle. All our teams are ready to serve students 24×7.

Event Management

In today’s era, people are so much busy that they feel more comfortable handing over their undue workload and responsibilities of event management and catering requirements to a specialist in that sphere. Reliable Service Provider is the best service provider having a great team of experts managing Event Management and Catering affairs successfully for many years. Reliable Service Provider has a project management professional team that delivers you the best and makes your event a grand success. Reliable Service Provider manages every event taking into consideration all five phases of project management:

  • Initiate
  • Plan
  • Execute
  • Monitor & Control
  • Close

Reliable Service Provider plans and organizes promotional, business, and social events. Our team is responsible for running a range of events, ensuring the target audience is engaged and the message of the event is marketed properly. Reliable Service Provider assists in assessing the budget for the event, creating timelines, planning food, selecting and reserving the event sites, developing a theme, arranging for activities, acquiring permits, selecting speakers and keynotes, coordinating transportation, arranging for equipment and facilities, managing risk and so on.


When it comes to catering services Reliable Service Provider provides indoor and outdoor catering services. It is the most trustworthy brand for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food lovers. RSP Group catering team is ready for providing food service at an event venue or a site such as a hotel, pub, hospital, filming site or studio, entertainment site aircraft, cruise ship, park, or remote site.

Reliable Service Provider takes into account all the important factors of the catering industry while providing the services. Some of the factors are:

  • Hygiene is maintained
  • The dietary requirement is taken into consideration
  • Customer satisfaction is paramount

Reliable Service Provider team delivers the best quality, flavor, and appearance of food and beverages to its customers.  We are pretty much sure that the guests will probably not remember as much about the decor or entertainment, but they will definitely praise the excellent quality of the mouthwatering meal that was served to them. Hiring a caterer according to your budget is really a significant decision because quality meal served at events always creates a remarkable image and gives you self-satisfaction. So, always remember to contact Reliable Service Provider for the best catering services.

Tours & Travels

Reliable Service Provider welcomes all people who are planning an amazing trip or willing to spend a memorable vacation with their friends and families. Reliable Service Provider is the best service provider that offers you wide options for happening tours and travel plans. Reliable Service Provider works with the most reliable travel company named GOABROAD HAPPY TRAVELS PVT. LTD. It is working as an Associate Partner and our expert team delivers the best deals on Air Tickets, Cruises, and Tour packages. GOABROAD HAPPY TRAVELS PVT. LTD. can book air tickets to any world destination. We also give online assistance to our customers to book all types of tours and travel packages in just a couple of steps. To make every trip special, we do arrange a variety of cruises & sea voyages for different customers looking for awesome experiences. We offer discounts on booking hotels ranging from 5-star ones to small properties located worldwide. We customize tours according to the demand of the clients looking for exclusive and memorable vacations.

GoAbroad Happy Travels

Print & Advertising

Reliable Service Provider is the best service provider for Print and Advertising services. RSP Group believes in providing quality print and advertising services for its customers through its team of experts on a broad scale. The expert team of Print and Advertising at RSP Group interacts with the customers and knows their needs. Proper planning is done after several meetings with the customer before executing the desired task in the right direction at the right time to give effective results. We have a variety of options for branding the products and services of our customers. RSP Group provides the best quality print and advertising services at reasonable prices. The number of Print and Advertising services that we deliver to our clients are posters, stickers, flex printing, banners, billboard, digital led display boards, canopies, receipt books, catalogs, brochures, prospectuses, magazines, and so on.

Other Services

Reliable Service Provider delivers a variety of services and that too all under one roof. It is the most preferred and reliable source for consumers to purchase any goods or avail of the best services at reasonable prices. Reliable Service Provider also deals with all types of electronic items. For example, Reliable Service Provider gives its customers the best deals to buy electronic items from the links given below.

  • Buy Television
  • Buy Refrigerator
  • Buy Washing Machine
  • Buy Dishwasher
  • Buy Air-Conditioner
  • Buy Microwave Oven
  • Buy Water Purifier
  • Buy Laptop and Computer
  • Buy Printer
  • Buy Mobile Phone
  • Buy CCTV Camera

Reliable Service Provider is also the best place to buy Inverters, Batteries, Solar Panels, Fire Extinguishing products, and so on.


Reliable Service Provider is the best AC service provider in Kanpur. We have a team of expert technicians. We do the best AC servicing whether split, window, or cassette at a reasonable price.

Reliable Service Provider is giving the best digital marketing services to the local business owners of Kanpur. We have designed attractive digital marketing packages according to the requirements and budgets of the customers.

Reliable Service Provider is providing the best website development services in Kanpur. We have a team of experts for creating the website (static or dynamic) according to the customer’s requirements and budget.

We are the most trusted website developers and we are doing the web development work with honesty at a nominal price.

Reliable Service Provider is providing the best tours and travels services in Kanpur via GOABROAD HAPPY TRAVELS PVT. LTD. We customize the tour packages according to the customer’s demand. You can easily get the best domestic and international tour packages at a reasonable price.

Reliable Service Provider is giving the best construction services in Kanpur. We have a team of expert engineers, architects, and contractors.
We provide all services from sketching a beautiful layout to the final construction of your dream home.

Reliable Service Provider is providing the best real estate services in Kanpur. We deal in lands, shops, offices, flats, villas, etc.
If you are looking to buy or sell a property at a good price feel free to contact us.

Reliable Service Provider is the best education consultancy services in Kanpur via Go Abroad Training Institute Private Limited. We do the best counseling for abroad education as well as for Indian universities and colleges.
We represent many universities and colleges in Canada, the US, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Dubai, Singapore, etc. We also help students to get admission to the best universities for MBBS Abroad.

Reliable Service Provider is the best consultancy in Kanpur. We provide expert advice for Education, Tour, and Travel, Website Development, Digital Marketing, SEO, Mobile Application Development, Electronic Appliances, CA services, Construction Services, Real Estate, loans, Insurance and Event Management & Catering.